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4215 Worth Ave.
Columbus, OH 43219

What Customers Are Saying

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Always there for us

James is very knowledgeable and was helpful every step of the way. He was always available to answer any questions or run some numbers for us, even on the weekends. James was always there for us and treated us like family instead of clients. We couldn’t be happier.

David T.
Columbus, OH
Star Star Star Star Star
Can’t wait to move into my new home

Cathy was extremely helpful throughout the whole process and she quickly answered any questions I had. The entire process happened much faster than expected! I can’t wait to move into my new home.

Kara M.
Columbus, OH
Star Star Star Star Star
Very responsive to any of the questions

Justin was very responsive to any of the questions we had. He was extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process.

Gretchen E.
Columbus, OH

Our Columbus, OH Branch

Meet the team

Photo of Robert Bickmeier
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Robert Bickmeier

Branch Manager

NMLS #259368
(614) 949-7182
Photo of Erin Bishop
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Erin Bishop

Loan Officer

NMLS #564799
(614) 581-3000
Photo of Cameron Box
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Cameron Box

Loan Officer

NMLS #1642065
(614) 226-9883
Photo of James Cockerill
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James Cockerill

Loan Officer

NMLS #674957
(614) 832-8255
Photo of Nate Ebling
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Nate Ebling

Home Loan Advisor

NMLS #1377700
(614) 327-2853
Photo of Zach Kalb
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Zach Kalb

Mortgage Advisor

NMLS #2105889
(614) 403-0607
Photo of Cathy Larson
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Cathy Larson

Loan Officer

NMLS #2037741
(562) 243-7971
Photo of Amy Lewis
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Amy Lewis

Loan Officer

NMLS #1558065
(614) 633-7338
Photo of James McCullough
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James McCullough

Loan Officer

NMLS #1377694
(740) 877-8199
Photo of Julie McFarland
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Julie McFarland

Loan Officer

NMLS #493757
(614) 579-1880
Photo of Brandon Miller
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Brandon Miller

Loan Officer

NMLS #1630471
(614) 519-8823
Photo of Ron Moody
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Ron Moody

Loan Officer

NMLS #1589283
(614) 946-1818
Photo of Erik Mulhern
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Erik Mulhern

Loan Officer

NMLS #2009798
(610) 864-5690
Photo of Justin Nagy
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Justin Nagy

Loan Officer

NMLS #2132426
(614) 619-3006
Photo of Adam Neft
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Adam Neft

Loan Officer

NMLS #925721
(614) 867-9175
Photo of Tom Pfister
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Tom Pfister

Loan Officer

NMLS #1728618
(614) 325-5252
Photo of Theresa Piper
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Theresa Piper

Home Loan Advisor

NMLS #772554
(740) 404-4379
Photo of Brandon Shirey
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Brandon Shirey

Home Loan Advisor

NMLS #2179943
(614) 316-9717
Photo of James Stone
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James Stone

Loan Officer

NMLS #2192252
(740) 281-6072
Photo of Clay Walter
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Clay Walter

Home Loan Advisor

NMLS #2180616
(740) 816-7576
Photo of Robin Warrens
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Robin Warrens

Loan Officer

NMLS #7264
(614) 826-7272
Photo of Justin Yates
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Justin Yates

Loan Officer

NMLS #498055
(614) 578-7688