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Our Grandville, MI Branch

Meet the team

Photo of Nathan Bylsma
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Nathan Bylsma

Producing Branch Manager

NMLS #133989
Office: (616) 328-8960
Photo of Makayla Pattenaude
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Makayla Pattenaude

Loan Officer

NMLS #1732702
Office: (616) 328-8952
Photo of Brandon Redding
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Brandon Redding

Loan Officer

NMLS #970518
Office: (616) 328-8944
Photo of Jeffery Steffens
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Jeffery Steffens

Branch Manager

NMLS #207268
Office: (616) 328-8970
Photo of Kerensa Steffens
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Kerensa Steffens

Loan Officer

NMLS #209251
Office: (616) 328-8948
Photo of Rachel Von Ins
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Rachel Von Ins

Loan Officer

NMLS #196229
Office: (616) 342-4614
Photo of Kelli Williams
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Kelli Williams

Loan Officer

NMLS #208051
Office: (616) 328-8947